Transition from Primary to Post primary School

For parents and pupils alike the transition from Primary to Post Primary school can be quite daunting!

The National Parents’ Council have produced a leaflet “Moving from Primary to Post Primary School” which you may find helpful. It can be downloaded here: Moving from Primary to Post Primary school NPC Leaflet

5th and 6th class pupils need to become more independent, both in their learning and in their ability to speak up for themselves and organise themselves.  Parents need to be mindful of this as their child enters the Senior Room and begin giving more responsibility to their child for completing their homework independently, delivering and returning notes to school, having the necessary books and other equipment home with them for homework every day and making sure they bring what they need with them to school every day.

Pupils also need to speak up for themselves and not rely on their parents to do this for them. If they are experiencing any difficulties at school, they need to talk to their class teacher and/or the teacher on yard duty.  They should also discuss it with you, their parents, but should not need you to come to school to talk on their behalf unless the issue remains unresolved.

Please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have about the transition process with your child’s teacher or the principal by making an appointment to meet at a mutually convenient time.