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The Pollinator Project

Mark Nolan from the Heritage in Schools’ Scheme visited Billis N.S on Friday last. 3rd & 4th class pupils took part in the pollinator project which is a celebration of Ireland’s wonderful pollinating insects especially our ‘busy bees’. Pupils learned about the importance of bees and pollination for biodiversity, discovered where our honey comes from and had an opportunity to examine beehive and beekeeping equipment. One of the pupils dressed up in a beekeeper’s uniform. Pupils explored the school grounds and at the end of the day they planted biodiversity boosting sunflowers to take home and care for over the summer. We’re looking forward to seeing some pictures of these giant sunflowers.

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‘Starry Night’ Art Project

3rd and 4th classes have been learning about the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, reading about his life and looking and responding to some of his paintings, in particular ‘starry night’. They then took part in a Big Art Project when they used bottle tops to make their own 3-D ‘Starry Night’ picture. Thank you to all our bottle-top collectors and to staff members who helped us along the way!

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Fruit and Vegetable Tasting Day

We had our annual fruit and vegetable tasting day on Monday 18th June, which was enjoyed by all classes. Thank you to the pupils that sent in fruit and vegetables on the day and a special mention of thanks to Barbara Wilton, Sylvia Mills, Janette Waller, Ruth Lochaden and Kelly McCusker who gave up their time to prepare the fruit and vegetables for the children. It was greatly appreciated!

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Cookery Demonstration

A huge thank you to the Parents’ Association for organising and funding a very interesting and worthwhile cookery demonstration. The children had great fun taking part. They made delicious, healthy brown bread and salmon fish fingers. Thank you also to Pauric  and Irene from the Forge restaurant for providing a very engaging and interactive cookery demonstration for the children. (More photos to follow!)

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Wellbeing Posters

3rd -6th class pupils created posters in groups based on the Mental Health ‘Little Things’ slogans. The following slogans were used as stimuli for the posters:

-Problems feel smaller when you share them!

-The more you move the better your mood!

-Boost your mood with healthy food!

-Do things with others there’s strength in numbers!

-Add friends to your tea!

-If a friend seems distant catch up with them!

-8 hours sleep make the other 16 easier!


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World Book Day

Our World Book Day dress up was a great success with lots of colourful and creative outfits on show! Well done to all the pupils and parents for putting such great effort into all the outfits! We presented prizes on the day to pupils in each classroom! However, you are ALL winners for having fun and taking part!!!


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Thank you to the Parents’ Association for their generous donation to Billis

The Board of Management, Staff and pupils of Billis NS would like to sincerely thank the Parents’ Association, and of course all the parents who supported their fund raising efforts, for their generous donation of two exciting pieces of equipment for the pupils in Billis NS: BeeBots and Lego WeDo.

Both of these pieces of equipment introduce children to coding and programming, initially at a basic level but their skills can be built upon over time.

Bee-Bots are exciting little robots designed for use by younger children. These colorful, easy-to-operate, and friendly little robots are a perfect tool for teaching counting, sequencing, estimation, problem-solving, and just having fun!

Sturdy construction and colorful design entice children to put the Bee-Bots through their paces. Directional keys are used to enter up to 40 commands which send Bee-Bot forward, back, left, and right. Pressing the green GO button starts Bee-Bot on its way. Bee-Bot blinks and beeps at the conclusion of each command to allow children to follow Bee-Bot through the program they have entered and then confirms its completion with lights and sound. Children want to use Bee-Bot over and over and are inspired to enter ever more creative and complex command sequences.  Bee-Bot moves in 6″ steps and 90 degree turns. Compact size and durable materials make Bee-Bots child- and classroom-friendly and boosts enthusiasm for experimentation and learning wherever it is used.

Lego WeDo

Lego WeDo 2.0 strengthens students’ understanding of the eight science and engineering practices, including asking questions and solving problems, modeling, prototyping, investigating, analyzing and interpreting data, computational thinking, creating evidence based arguments, and obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information.

It develops students’ competencies through hands-on projects covering key science topics such as physical-, life-, earth- and space sciences, engineering and technology. Improve problem solving, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and integrate the use of relevant digital tools to improve computational thinking skills.

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Mrs Lundie’s 3rd and 4th Class Christmas felt decorations.


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On Friday morning 3rd and 4th class pupils read little Irish books they had written themselves, to the Infants. It was an enjoyable event as the pupils from 3rd and 4th had an audience for their writing and the Infants enjoyed it.

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Carol Singing

Pupils from 3rd to 6th class visited St.Joseph’s Nursing Home after school on Monday 18th. They sang a selection of Christmas carols for the residents, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

On return to school, the boys and girls had some refreshments before being collected by their parents.

Thank you to Mrs. Edna Smith for coming along and to the management and staff of St.Joseph’s for their kindness to us.

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