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Carol singing in St Joseph’s Nursing Home Monday 18th December

Pupils from 3rd to 6th class are going carol singing to St Joseph’s Nursing home on Monday 18th Dec, after school. Please make sure you have sent in a permission slip if you want your child to go along. If you cannot find the slip please request another one.

Remember to collect your child from Billis NS at 4:40pm sharp, as they will go back there for treats afterwards. If you wish to collect them from the nursing home instead, please send a note to their class teacher.

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Credit Union Poster Competition Winners

Congratulations to all our Credit Union Poster competition winners. The prize giving was on Friday 8th December. Even though there can only be a few winners everyone who took part is a winner. The judges must have had a very hard time choosing as all the pupils put a lot of work and effort into their poster. Well done to everyone.

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Maths Puzzles to keep you entertained while at home

This is Maths Week.  There are lots of ideas on the following website to keep you busy while school is closed! Enjoy!

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Learning new vocabulary

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are targeting vocabulary development as part of our literacy plan this year.  This is as a result of identified weaknesses in the standardised test scores in this area in June 2016 and also as part of the implementation of the new primary language curriculum.

Perhaps the greatest tools we can give children for succeeding, not only in their education but more generally in life, is a large, rich vocabulary and the skills for using those words.  In addition to this a large vocabulary is more specifically predictive and reflective of high levels of reading achievement.

Poor vocabulary affects the children’s comprehension of what they read.  Writing a word into a copybook, looking up its meaning, finding words with similar meaning or putting the words into sentences will not ensure that the word becomes part of their vocabulary.  In order to do this, children need to use the new vocabulary that they are learning on numerous occasions and hear the words used regularly in everyday conversation. 

Another way of improving your child’s vocabulary is to read to them regularly. Once a child is able to read we have a tendency to stop reading to them as we want them to practice their own reading.  However, the books that children can read for themselves are, of necessity, simpler than those that you would read to them.  Therefore they are not necessarily coming across new or challenging vocabulary in their own reading.  This is why it is so important that we do not stop reading to our children, even when they can read for themselves.  This is especially true for children who are finding reading a bit challenging or who are reluctant readers.

By reading to them, you are helping them in many ways: 1) You are modelling good reading to them. (It is important, especially for boys, to have both male and female role models if at all possible) 2) You are developing their interest in reading. 3) You are motivating them to want to read themselves as they see that you consider reading important.  4) You are improving their comprehension as they can focus on the story rather than trying to decode words. 5) You are improving their vocabulary as you are exposing them to vocabulary that they will not otherwise come across. (You need to discuss, even briefly, the meanings of new words while reading for this to be most effective)

Vocabulary Homework:

As part of their homework each night, pupils from 3rd to 6th class have to use the words they have written in their vocabulary copybooks and pupils from Junior Infants to 2nd class have to use the 2 words in their Homework diary by bringing them into the conversation at home and at school over the course of the week,  in as many different ways and as many times as possible.  It is only through using the words that they will actually become part of your child’s vocabulary. It would be a good idea to place these words in a visible place (such as on the fridge) so that everyone in the family will use them in their conversation.

Thank you, in anticipation of your cooperation,

K Devine

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Credit Union Quiz

The annual Credit Union Table quiz took place on Friday 27th January in the Lakeside Manor Hotel. Five teams from Billis NS took part- Three teams in the U13 Category and two teams in the U11 Category. We are delighted to say that we came in 3rd place in both categories.


Well done to all the children who took part!

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Science Trip

Today 3rd-6th class went on a trip to Belturbet Town Hall to participate in ‘Earth Science Labs’ run by The Marble Arch Caves Geobal Geopark.

The children took part in experiments based on volcanoes, earthquakes, caves, fossils and meteorites.  sam_4258 sam_4262 sam_4264 sam_4269 sam_4272 sam_4260 sam_4266

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3rd-6th classes enjoyed their school tour to The Crystal Maze on Friday 6th May.

The focus of the tasks was on team work and co-operation and the skills involved both physical and mental challenges.

Crystals were awarded on successful completion of each task. Extra crystals could be earned for good behaviours, excellent team work etc.

All classes were awarded a crystal trophy for the school in recognition of their efforts on the day.





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World Book Day Wednesday 3rd March

Today is World Book Day!

For homework the children are encouraged to “Curl up with a Book”.  It would be great if you could do the same!

Thank you to all the children who made such an effort to dress up today.  We had some wonderful costumes.  Mrs Barbara Smith happened to drop in and she picked the winners and Mary Poppins dropped by to give out the prizes! Unfortunately we couldn’t give everyone a prize but whether you won a prize or not, everyone who dressed up are winners in our eyes!

Happy Reading!

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Gaeolgóirí na Míosa

Gaelgóirí na Míosa

Gaelgóirí na Míosa  Eanair 2016

Comhghairdeas do na daltaí sa ghrianghraf. Bronnadh duais orthu mar bhí siad ag caint a lán Gaeilge.



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Sports Day

We had great fun on Sports Day.

SAM_3267 IMG_4077 IMG_4089 SAM_3262 IMG_4079 IMG_4088


We enjoyed our ice-cream

IMG_4095 IMG_4094

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