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School closed Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd March due to worsening weather conditions

Due to the worsening weather conditions and in the interest of the safety and welfare of parents, students and staff, school will be closed tomorrow, Thursday 1st March and Friday 2nd March.

Please share this information with all members of the school community.

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Reminder of school arrangements for inclement weather

Reminder from Billis NS Board of Management:

It is school policy that we only post on our website or send a text  if school is closed.  If you do not get a message via the App or if there is no post on the website then you should assume that school is open.  This has always been and continues to be our position.  Our catchment area is very wide and conditions can vary significantly from one area to another.  Therefore, even if school is open, it is ultimately each parents’ decision whether to send their child/children to school or not. 

A decision to close is not taken lightly. The chairperson and principal both liaise to consider the matter.  Factors such as the status of any weather warnings, whether buses are running or not and how many buses are running are all considered.  The safety and welfare of pupils and staff are always our priority. In total we have 5 different bus routes.  Bus drivers are asked to inform the principal and/or secretary if they do not intend to run.  They are often not in a position to make this decision until about 8am so if a decision is made to close the school, this decision cannot usually be made until after this time.  Just because one or two buses are not running does not necessarily mean that the school will automatically close as these buses may only be catering for a small percentage of the pupils.

As already stated, even if school is open, it is up to each to make their own decision as to whether it is safe to travel based on conditions in their own local area.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Ven Craig McCauley (Chairperson, BoM)

Karen Devine (Principal)


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Parents Association Family Bingo Fundraiser

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Bring a Book, Take a Book

To celebrate World Book Day, we are starting a “Bring a Book, Take a Book” for both adults and children in Billis!

How does it work?

Children and Adults bring a book that they have already read and are willing to part with into school on the 1st March. (Books must be clean and in good condition!)

They place it in the appropriate adult or child’s “Bring a Book, Take a Book” basket.

They can choose another book from the basket in place of the one that they have put in.

They can do this as many times as they like: so long as they put a book in they can take one out!

The baskets will be stored in the main entrance hall. This is accessible at all times, even if Bridget is not there.

Parents can access the baskets either in the morning when they drop their children off to school or in the afternoon when collecting their child, or indeed at any time when they are in the school dropping or collecting children. 

Our aim is to encourage everyone to read more and to perhaps read books that they might not otherwise buy or have access too! The more variety of styles/genres etc the better as everyone has different tastes in books!

We hope people will avail of this service and enjoy it!

Please spread the word!

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Annual clothes collection April 16th 2018

Our annual clothes collection takes place on 16th April. Please ask family and friends to remember us if they are doing a spring clean of their wardrobes! Bags can be dropped into school anytime from Mon 9th April, with the collection taking place on the 16th April.

The following items are accepted: clean, clothes, bed linen, towels, curtains, shoes, bags, belts and soft toys.

No household bric-a-brac, pillows, duvets or cushions are accepted.

Thank you in advance for your support. 

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School Closed Today, Monday 12th February

School is closed today due to dangerous driving conditions

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Head Lice

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Thank you to the Parents’ Association for their generous donation to Billis

The Board of Management, Staff and pupils of Billis NS would like to sincerely thank the Parents’ Association, and of course all the parents who supported their fund raising efforts, for their generous donation of two exciting pieces of equipment for the pupils in Billis NS: BeeBots and Lego WeDo.

Both of these pieces of equipment introduce children to coding and programming, initially at a basic level but their skills can be built upon over time.

Bee-Bots are exciting little robots designed for use by younger children. These colorful, easy-to-operate, and friendly little robots are a perfect tool for teaching counting, sequencing, estimation, problem-solving, and just having fun!

Sturdy construction and colorful design entice children to put the Bee-Bots through their paces. Directional keys are used to enter up to 40 commands which send Bee-Bot forward, back, left, and right. Pressing the green GO button starts Bee-Bot on its way. Bee-Bot blinks and beeps at the conclusion of each command to allow children to follow Bee-Bot through the program they have entered and then confirms its completion with lights and sound. Children want to use Bee-Bot over and over and are inspired to enter ever more creative and complex command sequences.  Bee-Bot moves in 6″ steps and 90 degree turns. Compact size and durable materials make Bee-Bots child- and classroom-friendly and boosts enthusiasm for experimentation and learning wherever it is used.

Lego WeDo

Lego WeDo 2.0 strengthens students’ understanding of the eight science and engineering practices, including asking questions and solving problems, modeling, prototyping, investigating, analyzing and interpreting data, computational thinking, creating evidence based arguments, and obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information.

It develops students’ competencies through hands-on projects covering key science topics such as physical-, life-, earth- and space sciences, engineering and technology. Improve problem solving, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and integrate the use of relevant digital tools to improve computational thinking skills.

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