Today is Safer Internet Day (Tuesday 6th February)

Tuesday 6th February is safer internet day. Technology is wonderful and useful but it is can also be dangerous and can affect children’s mental and physical health if it is not used appropriately and in moderation.

There are many resources available to help parents teach their children about staying safe on-line. Each teacher will be covering this topic with the pupils in their class, at an age appropriate level. It is important that you reinforce this at home. We would not let our children cross the road without teaching them the Safe Cross Code and the rules of the road, we should not allow them access to the internet without teaching them how to stay safe on-line and giving them clear rules to follow.

Visit this site for a family e-safety kit:  

or access it here: Parental-Guide

Click on the link below for a very informative leaflet. It is especially relevant for parents of pupils from 3rd class upwards. It covers things parents need to know about Facebook, Snapchat, KiK and Tinder for Teens. Please take the time to read it and discuss it with your children.

Cyber Bullying information leaflet

This website also has good material:  


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