Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a good break and got to relax and recharge the batteries. It is great to see everyone back at school happy and healthy for the new term.

We would respectfully request all parents to adhere to HSE guidelines regarding prevention of spreading the Flu virus: “Keep your child at home and away from others as much as is possible to avoid spreading infection to others. If they are sick with flu they should stay home for 5 days from the onset of symptoms.” For more information I have uploaded a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document issued by the HSE on the website.

Upcoming dates to note: The Department of Education has informed us that we are to close on the following dates for in-service training for staff in the New Primary Language Curriculum and the revised Child Protection Guidelines and DES Procedures: Wednesday 7th February and Monday 19th February.  School is also closed for Midterm on Thursday 15th & Friday 16th February.

Please note: The updated Child Protection Guidelines and DES Procedures are available on our website under the School Policies tab at the top of the Homepage.

County Photos: County Photos are coming to school on Tuesday 30th January. However, you are under no obligation to buy these photos. We just facilitate parents by allowing the photographer to use the school. All pupils must wear their full uniform that day as classroom photographs will be taken as well as family photos.  (White shirt, red tie, black shoes etc)

Billis NS App: At our Christmas celebration in Billis Hall on Wednesday 20th Dec we launched our new school App. We hope to use the App as our main means of communicating with parents from now on as it has a message facility and will be cheaper, faster and more reliable. You won’t have to root in the bottom of school bags each evening!  You need to ensure that you have notifications turned on in your settings on your phone, (Settings/Notifications/App Notifications and look for PSA). You will then be notified if and when a message is sent so that you won’t miss out.

It is free for you to download and use. We would encourage both parents to download it if possible to ensure that no-one misses out. Childminders and or relations who look after or collect your child/children are also welcome to download it.  Directions on how to download the App are on our website. If you have any difficulty downloading it please ring Bridget or drop into the office and she will help you. Once downloaded, you can filter what messages you receive as we have set up message groups for each class group as well as a whole school group. To set the filter click on messages and you will see a funnel symbol in the top right-hand corner. Tap this and a list of the groups appear. Un-tick the groups that you do not want to receive messages from. So, for example, if your child is in 3rd class and you have no other children in school, then un-tick all groups apart from 3rd and 4th class and whole school. This means you will only receive messages relevant to your child. If on the other hand you have a child in each room then you will need to leave all groups ticked.

Please fill in the questionnaire which will be sent home tomorrow(Wed 10th Jan) and return it to us by Friday 12th January so that we have a record of who has downloaded the App and will use it to receive messages from us. Those of you who choose not to download it or who do not have an android smartphone or iPhone will continue to receive hard copies of the notes.  However, we do encourage as many people as possible to use the App as it will also save Bridget a lot of time printing, photocopying and distributing notes.

Thank you, in anticipation of your cooperation,

K Devine

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