New staff members for the 2017-18 school year.

We are delighted to welcome Jennifer McEntee as a part-time member of staff in Billis NS. Jennifer was recently appointed as a permanent member of staff to Laragh NS as a support teacher. As this post is shared with Billis, Jennifer will teach part-time in Billis as a support teacher. We look forward to working with her and hope she will be happy in her new role.

We are also delighted to welcome Mr Patrick McPhillips to our staff in the new school year. Mr McPhillips will be covering Mrs Hoban’s maternity leave in 1st and 2nd class and will be starting with us from 30th August.

Ms Abigail Hobson  will be covering Mrs Henry’s maternity leave. Ms Hobson’s exact start date has to be confirmed but it is expected to be the end of September. We look forward to her coming to Billis.

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