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Bye Bye Butterflies!!

We had great excitement in the Infant classroom last Friday when our butterflies hatched. We released them from the butterfly tent this week. The Infants were delighted to get a chance to hold the butterflies before they flew away. Have a look!



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Book Bills

Thank you to all of you who have paid your book bills already.

Reminder: Book bills should be paid in full by this Friday, 30th September

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Karate Lessons

Thank you to the Parents’ Association for paying for Karate lessons for all the children.  They have been really enjoying it and have learned some good listening and attention skills in the process which they are practicing in the classroom.  Talk to your child about what they have been doing.

Each teacher has been working on listening and concentration skills in their class since school opened. To make this more effective please try focusing on these skills at home too.

How you can help:

Encourage your child to finish tasks within a set time frame. (eg Homework) Perhaps set a timer.

Don’t let your child go from one activity to another without finishing what they have started.  They need to learn to complete one task before beginning another.  They should also tidy up after themselves!

When giving  instructions keep them clear and concise and make eye contact. Do not repeat them more than twice as this encourages children NOT to listen as they know you will keep repeating them!Praise them for good listening skills but have consequences if they do not listen or pay attention.

Play board games  together.  Children have to concentrate on the game so they know when it is their turn..if they haven’t been paying attention they miss their turn!


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