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Mrs Edna Smith has announced her retirement

It was with great sadness that we learned last night at our Board of Management meeting that Mrs Edna Smith is to retire.  Mrs Smith joined our staff in 2009.  She has brought great experience and expertise to Billis NS and has made a huge contribution to all aspects of school life.  We are very grateful to her for her hard work and dedication to the school, the staff and the pupils and wish her a long, happy, healthy retirement.

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On Thursday 26th May, Tyrone, Matthew, Mrs.E.Smith and Mrs.B.Lundie travelled to The Helix in Dublin to collect our 5th Green Flag for Bio-diversity. We would like to thank the committee, all the pupils and teachers who worked so hard to help us achieve this award. We will have our flag-raising ceremony before the end of term.

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Mexican God Eyes

5th & 6th class made Mexican God’s eyes in Art class.

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Billis NS represented at half-time at the Cavan v Armagh match by Jake Mills

Congratulations to Jake Mills who was chosen to play at the Cumann na mBunscoil match, which took place at half time during the Cavan V Armagh match in Breffni Park, Cavan, on Sunday 29th May.

Cavan v Armagh Half Time pic

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New Primary Language Curriculum for English and Irish – junior infants to second class

The Primary Curriculum is changing. Soon your child will be experiencing a new Language Curriculum for English and Irish. 

Who is the new Language Curriculum for?

The new curriculum for English and Irish is for all children from junior infants to second class in all schools – English-medium schools, Gaeltacht schools, Irish-medium schools and special schools. Why is there a new curriculum? The curriculum is changing so that it is up-to-date with the times we live in, with developments in language learning and the introduction of the Free Pre-school Years. Since the last curriculum (1999), society and communities have changed greatly, as has your child’s learning environment. Teachers say they would like more guidance on the best ways to help children in their language learning. Thanks to research, we now know more about how children learn to speak, read and write and how to help them make progress in ways that are well suited to their learning needs.

How is the new Language Curriculum different from the one introduced in 1999?

The new curriculum is structured to make it easier for teachers to support children learning both English and Irish. As a parent, the biggest difference you’ll see is in how your child will learn the two languages in school.

Over the coming years,  your child will have lots of opportunities to talk in class, give their opinion and express their thoughts and ideas. The curriculum highlights the importance of children developing their oral language skills as well as learning to read and write.

Your child will be supported in making progress in oral language, reading and writing at a level and pace suited to them. The new Language Curriculum supports children with different learning strengths and needs.

Much of your child’s language learning, particularly in the infant classes, will happen through play and playful interactions with their friends and teacher in the classroom. This will help them to build on their language learning in the pre-school years based on Aistear: the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework.

Your child will see links between English and Irish and come to understand that what they learn in one helps when learning the other language. Overall, the new Language Curriculum supports teachers in providing language learning experiences for all children that will help them reach their full potential in English and Irish.

Click here for an Information Leaflet about the New Primary Language Curriculum Infants to Second:


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3rd-6th classes enjoyed their school tour to The Crystal Maze on Friday 6th May.

The focus of the tasks was on team work and co-operation and the skills involved both physical and mental challenges.

Crystals were awarded on successful completion of each task. Extra crystals could be earned for good behaviours, excellent team work etc.

All classes were awarded a crystal trophy for the school in recognition of their efforts on the day.





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The Space Station

Junior and Senior Infants went to Outer Space this week! Have a look at the astronauts busy at work!


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Fruit and Vegetable Tasting

Pupils enjoyed tasting a large variety of exotic fruit and vegetables on Wednesday last week. We made a healthy vegetable soup on  Thursday with the left over vegetables and enjoyed left over pineapple and melon snacks on our school tour on Friday. A big thank you to all the parents that donated all the fruit and vegetables. It was a very successful event!


SAM_3792SAM_3783 SAM_3788

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Dance Lessons

A PE instructor came to teach the pupils Creative Dance today!



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