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Easter Holidays!

School reopens on Monday 13th April !

Wishing you all a relaxing, safe holiday.

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Clothes Collection Reminder

Our annual clothes collection is on Wednesday 22nd April.  All proceeds will go towards expenses for our Green Flags, including seeds, compost, bulbs, bird food, bird tables etc.  We are currently working towards our 5th Green Flag which is for biodiversity.  This takes two years so we hope to be awarded the 5th flag next year.

You may have  a chance over the Easter Holidays to do some spring cleaning! Clothing, footwear, belts, handbags, hats, linen etc are all accepted in the clothes collection.

Any large refuse bag can be used.  Please drop your bags in any time after the Easter holidays but before the 22nd April.

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Buddy Reading

Since we came back to school after the Christmas holidays, the children have been involved in Buddy Reading.  This involved an older child ( The Tutor) reading a book to a younger child (The Tutee) .  The Tutor chose a book to read on the Wednesday and prepared it.  The Reading Buddies would then meet on Friday afternoon and the Tutor would read the book to the Tutee.

The Tutors made a great effort to engage their Buddy in the book, by talking about the pictures, asking them questions etc.

While all the Tutors  did a great job, there were a few who worked really hard.  We wanted to recognise their hard work and so ten Tutors were chosen and were awarded a certificate and a prize.  The prizes were kindly sponsored by Mrs Lundie.  Well done Tutors!

Our Excellent Reading Buddy Tutors!

Our Excellent Reading Buddy Tutors!

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Parents` Association Raffle

Easter Hamper

Easter Hamper










The Parents`Association organised an Easter Raffle in aid of new school computers and laptops.  There were 14 prizes in all to be won.

A total of €704 was raised!  This is a fantastic achievement.  Well done and a huge thanks to all the parents and children who bought and sold so many tickets.

The draw took place this morning, Fri 27th March.  These were the lucky winners!  Congratulations! We hope you enjoy your prizes.


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Fun with science

On Friday 20th March pupils from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes travelled to the Marble Arch Caves in Co. Fermanagh to take part in a Science Fun Day. They were divided into 5 groups and participated in 5 different experiments.

1. Investigating volcanoes.

SAM_2875 SAM_2863

2. Can we predict when an earthquake will occur?


SAM_2869 SAM_2876


3. What are fossils?

SAM_2866 SAM_2864

4. How are caves formed?

SAM_2873 SAM_2871 SAM_2872


5. Can meteorites cause any damage?


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The school garden

On Friday 13th March pupils from 5th and 6th class spent a long time in the school garden doing work for our biodiversity flag. We were helped by 3 parents – Fiona Hanley, Denise McGovern and Shannon Clemments. We are very grateful to them for giving up their time to help.

We built a bug hotel.

SAM_2823 SAM_2834 SAM_2836 SAM_2840SAM_2847 SAM_2846


We tidied up the tunnel and planted new seeds in it as well as new plants in our flower pots.

SAM_2843 SAM_2830 SAM_2832 SAM_2842

We picked up litter.

SAM_2835 SAM_2839

We prepared the ground for planting seeds of wild flowers and we planted some bulbs.

SAM_2845 SAM_2829 SAM_2837

We made a log pile to attract insects.


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Pupils in 3rd and 4th class measured the length and width of the school playground. They used

trundle wheels to get their answers in metres.

SAM_2824 SAM_2827 SAM_2828

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A visiting artist

Denis Connolly , an artist, came to our school to do some work with us.


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A visiting artist

Denis Connolly , an artist, visited our school to do some work with us.


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Science in the senior room

We carried out experiments to find out if air has weight.

IMG_3594 IMG_3591 IMG_3592 IMG_3593

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